February Favorites! + a little family update

March 1, 2019





I feel like February has been a PACKED month so many favorites to share

+ a little update on our life lately! 


Derma-e - Eye cream & Radiance drops 


- I received these items this last month in the Derma-e PR box and I have always been skeptical of oils and drops like this, everyone has seen some Insta-makeup artist use them but they look like one of those ultra extra things no one actually needs.. well that's what i thought. Since using the Radiance drops at night after washing/exfoliating my face my skin has been softer, smoother and actually more luminous! i am officially hooked! 


- Hydrating eye cream this has been awesome for my under eyes and i noticed less prominent under eye sagging and bags which is a huge win! 




Colourpop - No filter Matte Concealer


- After running out of my other favorite store bought concealer I decided to jump on some colourpop! I have been a fan for many years but hadn't tried the concealer yet! so I took a wild guess and chose my color, truthfully when it arrived I thought it was SO white and there was no way it would work, however it is PERFECT for adding that POP of brightness that I didn't know I needed! - this is the shade I got!


Colourpop MAR palette


- This palette was flat out calling to me and its been SO much fun to play with here are a couple looks ive done with it

orangey all over 

pop of green 





VeeTee Rice - Basmati 


  Veetee has been the BEST thing that has happened to my lunches lately

I am notorious for forgetting to eat. But with veetee i am able to make quick and easy rice meals like the pictured burrito bowl I also posted on my Instagram feed seriously go check out that post for my recipe 


Abby & Finn - Diapers and wipes 

 - We got the opportunity to try out the Abby& Finn diaper/wipe subscription this past month and I have been SO impressed!! The diapers are so great in their ingredients, the patterns are adorable and they are SO absorbant + we haven't had ANY leaking or blowouts which is a dang miracle! 



Cleaning MVP's from Norwex


In late January I was introduced to Norwex. My Sister in Law had a home show and when I how quick and easy everything worked I was intrigued BUT was not about to sign up.. but id have a party to help support her. Well at my home demo I inadvertently ran the  show, fell in love not only with the products but the mission and goal for a less toxic future for my babes :) 


- EnviroCloth


This powerhouse cloth is incredible for so much! But i've used it a ton for cleaning the bathroom ( no more pee smell!) & cleaning the kitchen/hands and faces (they have been tested for cross contamination over 10 rooms & surfaces with no transference) I do however use a different cloth to wipe up pee than clean the kitchen haha! basically its uses are almost endless & im loving learning what it can do. 




- WindowCloth


Paired with the envirocloth this is the ideal solution to streak free, windows, mirrors, stainless steel etc, the polish this gives is wowwing


- Here is an example of the window cloths results on half of the window! 



- BodyCloth 


I don't use makeup remover, facial cleansers or exfoliation products anymore and my skin is looking and feeling it's best ever since using the bodycloth every night before my skin care. fewer breakouts, less redness, more even skin tone and since it's not being chemically stripped all the time my dryness has cleared up and my skin actually retains moisture 




- Deoderant


First of all I am not a fresh smelling human all the time and ive tried SO many brands trying to cover it up. Mens brands included. none of which worked and i had given up until trying the Natural Deodorant from Norwex. It's scent is sage and tea tree and i absolutely LOVE it & it works! i can go 3 days between applications before it wears off and i need to reapply. + its uni-sex and ive got my brother turned on to it too! 


- Mop


If you have missed my #MopJamzMonday on my stories definitely go check out my highlight! Bur here is another shot of this awesome mop! 




My new preset 

- Earlier this month I took the plunge and re-branded in a sense.. I changed the way I was editing my pictures in a pretty drastic way going towards more of a warm "cozy" look than the cool, bright and vibrant I had been doing previously. I was SO nervous but after a month I am SO SO happy I made the switch and my feed is "cozier" than ever :) here's a little before and after with my preset (editing style)


Sisters & I Designs 


I've been a huge earring fan lately and i LOVE these cut out ones from Sisters and I design, they have such a unique look and are so light weight i forget im wearing them but get so many compliments as well. Definitely a winner for me! Here's where you can get your own!  





Moroccan Magic 


I never thought I would do it but what was initially dabbling in using something other than my Burts Bee's has turned into full blown LOVE for Moroccan Magic, the ingredients are the best + their use of EO's are my favorite! my lips are more smooth anf hydrated and the essential oils are so calming DEFINITELY my new go to! - I've linked my favorite set for you! 





Black Rock Coffee

If you're Local listen up to this one! BEST new coffee shop in town definitely goes to BRC! Drinks are delicious, atmosphere is so inviting and their merch is to die for! i LOVE their tee's and travel mugs! 


Easy Peasie 


THIS company has changed Wyatts nutrition and i am SO thankful! He has always been a super picky eater and his doc said we needed to get his veggie intake up. Well im sure you can guess how that went if you have a picky until we found Veggie Sprinkles! Dehydrated veggies into a powder that you can add to literally ANYTHING! Wyatt loves them with Eggs and on Spaghetti!




Boulder Organic


Another food fav LOL but seriously this soup is INCREDIBLE + with a grilled cheese its the BEST ever! creamy, scrumptious & the BEST flavor! 




The Swimsuit


I went into Target looking for undies the other day and on a whim wanted to try this suit on.. and FELL in love with this one!



The Content Planner


Out of all my planners right now this is the one i am highlighting right now because it has helped me track my content, my growth and my deadlines/goals & I'm so thankful for it! 




 Thats it for this month! 



Oy! I feel like its been a hot minute since ive given you guys an update on us! 

First up, the boys! 


Hunter - is officially DAY potty trained and we have minimal accidents since we started the process just over a month ago! 

we're doing pull ups at night just in case since our room is in the basement and the bathroom is on the upper main floor. All in all we are SO thankful to only have two in diapers!! He's the sweetest big brother to Eli lately and loves wearing suspenders. 3 has been hard but we are hoping with 4 around the corner things will mellow out here soon... 


Wyatt - This boy is wild and wonderful!, he'll be 2 in just a few weeks and while I love it im totally in denial our tiny 6lb babe is almost TWO! As well as being nearly two he's dabbling in potty training, has the biggest vocabulary ive seen in a kid his age, has the BEST hair and constantly looks like a baby "syndrome" with his wild RED curls haha. He loooves to mop with my wet & dry mop and wear his uncles old ski helmet so he looks like a bobble head all the time LOL


Eli - This little man is nearly 4 months old, babbling and saying MOM, loves attention, is in size 3 diapers, 3-6m clothes and trying to sit up every chance he gets lol he has the sweetest smile and giggle and already has quite the head of hair! 


Me - Postpartum is going well this time, the boys are a handful but most days i feel like we have found our groove. I fill my days with the boys, collaborations and most recently my new position as a Norwex consultant. i'm feeling so blessed to have found a company that is for EVERYONE, that my boys can be involved in, that helps with a bigger mission of "improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes" having products in our home that are SAFE for my kids not only gives me peace of mind in case they get into something ( Hunter ate a dishwasher pod when he was little and it was downright terrifying, yes we called poison control) but knowing that with Wyatt and Eli we are able to make better choices really makes my heart happy. 


Thanks so much for stopping by! 


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