Your questions ANSWERED about becoming a Norwex consultant!

February 24, 2019

Hey there and welcome! 


I recently became a consultant with Norwex. What is Norwex you ask? 


They are a company who's mission is "Improving quality of life and radically reduce the chemicals in our homes". Real people making a difference to better the world for the generations to come. in simpler terms... the products are all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.


In fact, with their microfiber cloths & water you can clean just about anything in your home. 




What makes Norwex different?


First our microfiber sets us apart from the rest!

- it removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria from surfaces in the home or on the body

- is the thinnest (1/2000th of a human hair) yet densest microfiber on the market (one continuous thread can reach from Canada to Mexico)

- holds about 7 times its weight in water

- self sanitizes after 24 hours.


-  The Biggest impact and why it can remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria... the threads are impregnated with SILVER. aka BacLock Technology This matters because in a silver environment its like birth control for bacteria meaning it can not reproduce, aka no more mildewy stinky cloths *HALLELUJAH*



Talk $$$ to me, How much do you make? 


Whatever you want and work for!  All consultants make a 35% commission (or a 35% discount on purchased product), whether you have been with the company for 1 day or 10 years.  The average party is about $200 in commission.  So the more parties you do the more $$$ you make.


 The sky is the limit!  There are also 8 levels of leadership you can progress through to make even more money as you grow your team! 

Okay great but what does it cost to sign up?! Is it going to be an arm & a leg?!


This is my favorite question because Norwex is SO GENEROUS!  It's only $9.99 for shipping and your Starter Kit can be FREE!  Norwex gives you 90 days to sell $2,000 worth of product.  Now before you freak out about TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?! ...the average party is $580.  So that's not even 4 average parties over 3 months.  Who can't give this a 4 party try? 

If you don’t meet your $2000 goal in 90 days, you pay only $200 for your Starter Kit, which is worth at least $280!  And get this, even if you only sell $600 worth of product, you just made $210 with your 35% commission which would pay for your starter kit AND shipping :)


Let me say that again...if you did NOTHING AT ALL with the business, you get a Starter Kit with $280 worth of products, and pay Norwex $200 at the end of 90 days.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me!



What comes the starter kit?


All our TOP SELLING products, so you can demonstrate them at your parties right away.  

The Party Starter Kit includes

- the Large Superior MOP System,  

- 2 Envirocloths,

- a Window Cloth,

- a Dusting Mitt,

- a Laundry Detergent Sample,

- the Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth,

- a Bathroom Scrub Mitt,

- a Body Pack,

and the cutest Baby Cleaning Paste!  

Plus a Norwex tote bag and business supplies so you can hit the ground running!

 You can make money FROM DAY ONE!



What are the kit builders?


There are 3 kit builders to add to your starter kit.  

Here are the benefits:

- You get an extra discount AND free business supplies.  
-The full 100% retail price counts towards your Fresh Start rewards.
-You get the top selling products into your hands fast!




Okay Becca that's cool but what are the monthly fees?


You can opt into Office Suite aka the website people can buy from you with, tons of trainings, resources, party management & more for 9.99 per month HOWEVER new consultants get that free for their first 60 days! 


Same with optional Sqweee membership which I mentioned above for parties which is 11.99 per month. This is an incredible platform that transforms online parties into virtual living rooms making it so you can interact with your party guests in real time over a group or personal chat while showing videos, slides or questionnaires to better connect with and educate those attending, there is also a "favorites" list feature allowing guests to make a list of the products they want from each slide helping them keep track of what they want to purchase from you! 


How do i stay "active" with Norwex?


You only need to sell $250 in product in a rolling 6 month period.  If you are buying product for yourself that would only be $162.50 in product with your 35% discount.  The average party is $580, so this is hardly a minimum at all!  There is no annual renewal fee as long as you meet this minimum requirement!



What is the FRESHStart Program?


Just the most awesome BONUS Program ever!  Remember, you need to reach $2,000 in sales to get your Starter Kit for free?  Well, along the way you will be reaching smaller sales and recruiting goals and racking up over $700 worth of free product!!

STEP 1: $400 in 15 days - you get a package worth $130 ( I reached this in my first 12 days )
STEP 2: $1,000 in 30 Days - you get a package worth $180 
STEP 3: $2,000 in 60 days - you get a package worth $230  


You can also reach recruiting goals by signing up your friends during your first 90 days...and after!  The best time to sign up people on your team is now so you can both learn together.
STEP 1: 1 Team Member in 45 days - you get a Norwex Demo bag!
STEP 2: 2 Team Members in 60 Days - you get a Norwex Mop bag!
STEP 3: 3 Team Members in 90 days - you get a Norwex Carry-All bag! 



What else is amazing about Norwex?


Definitely the HOSTESS program!! It is SO generous and creates a strong, sustainable business for you!


Do I have to do parties?


Nope…But YOU Should because that is where the FUN (and the money) is!  


Many people sign up just for the discount, and then after they use the products and see how amazing everything is they end up telling everyone around them.  And voila, you have yourself the start of a potentially successful business.  Plus Norwex is SO GENEROUS to consultants, you'll find yourself wanting to earn all of the incentives they offer.  


You can also do 1:1 demonstrations OR Facebook, Sqweee or even text parties!

Check out how much you can earn just by doing a Launch Party with a few friends! 


BUT I HATE paaartiesss!


Yes, I was you. If you asked me to attend a home party I would say without excuse, "No Thank You!" I HATED home parties. Ugh, the pressure, the jewelry, the make-up, or the clothes that I really didn't care about. Not for me. Even when I found myself signing up to be a consultant with Norwex, I still was not sure I wanted to do parties.  I began showing the products to my friends, one person at a time. 


Then…I realized it was much easier to demonstrate for multiple people at a time, and it was much more fun to hang out with everyone.  Now I LOVE home parties!  Who wouldn’t enjoy a night out of the house with adult conversation, dessert, and perhaps a glass of wine?!?

Best of all, everyone LOVES the products.  The guests thank me for doing my job, and let’s face it, when was the last time you were thanked for wiping a nose (or a bottom), or chauffeuring, or cooking…?

You can party in your PJs if you are good at social media, but home party sales are about triple those of Facebook parties.  But it is an option. 


How much inventory do I have to carry?!


Ah...what inventory?

Consultants don't have to keep ANY inventory on hand! Everything ships directly from Norwex.


 However, my upline Sarah does carry inventory around with her in her car, because many of her customers like to shop in her “Moving Store.”


Will I become 1 of 5,738 consultants in my area?


NO!  We need SO MANY more consultants.  


Norwex is currently only in 2% of the homes in the US.  TWO PERCENT!  The opportunity is huge!  I went to a recent leadership conference for Norwex and the top four leadership levels inserted push pins into where they lived.  Look at your state!  I bet it's pretty empty just like mine.  We NEED you :)


 Okay well i can't do this ALONE, Who will help me?!


Norwex and ME!  


Norwex has fantastic, in-depth training to accommodate your learning styles.  I will be there for you to answer questions and “teach you how to fish.”  Our team has excellent resources like a team website, a Facebook page, and monthly team meetings via video-conference.  There are SO MANY excellent leaders on our team, and we are there to support you.  We will also show you how to become a leader!


What's the history of the company? 


Norwex began in 1994 in Norway and got it's name from "NORwegian EXperience."  


They expanded to Canada and the US in 1999 and have seen tremendous growth!  They are now in many countries across the globe.  Our mission is to "improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in the home."


Read More Here:


Show me the fine print. 


okie dokie here it is! 





What if selling Norwex isn't for me?!


Umm...Nothing?  You probably have a ton of products in your home and you'll enjoy a 35% discount for personal use!  There are no cancellation fees or anything like that.  


Ready to sign up?! Awesome! I'm so excited to join arms with you!


Click Here:


Have more questions on something I potentially missed? 


Email me! -


I would love to connect with you! 


xoxo, Becca



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