Durlin Mantle Diaries // Tips on setting it up

October 12, 2017


Heyyyy friends!! I have some SUPER exciting news!! ... well maybe it’s more exciting to me but I can’t wait to share it with you!!  Sooo recently my dream for a mantle (faux mantle... whatever 😂) has come true!!! Thanks to my hubby love 😍💋 

Naturally I’ve pinned all the things already and was SO EXCITED to get to put my inspiration into action!!


BUT! I wasn’t sure how to execute the designs I was seeing so I did some searching of “how to’s” instead of pretty designs. & this photo continually kept popping up! 


Here’s the thing.. I love the idea of the different layers, elements & heights of things but I’m not a huge fan of everything being all clumped up together so I took the triangular inspiration and ran with it! 



Here’s the “formula” I used! I was able to use things I already had around the house so I didn’t spend ANYTHING on this design which is a major bonus for me! (& Jake’s wallet 😉)


Most things I’ve had pretty decently long but I’m going to link whatever I can below! 


- From Left to Right - 

• Picture frame - 

• Candles - Mulled Cider Set (my fav 😍)  

• Fox 🦊 - A Happy Carrot  

• White washed Letter D 

• Letterboard - Letterfolk  

• Willow Tree Figurine - New Baby Figurine  

• Antique Bear Pepper shaker - So it’s literally almost 5 years since finding this little guy but I’m linking another adorable bear figurine that I just love! —> Cabelas Bear  

• yellow floral garland - This is the exact one! + it’s on SALE! 







I’m so excited to hear what you think of this little (gateway 😍😉) project and if you have a mantle and want to show me use the hashtag #blcmantlelove !! 


xoxo, Becca 

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