Why Maskcara is for me!

July 2, 2017



First of all i'll share WHAT Maskcara is!


Maskcara is a highly unique and simplified way of applying makeup. 4 steps & 5 minutes is all it really takes to enhance your natural beauty easily with minimal products that do MORE


What is known as 3D foundation got its name from the way that with 3 different colors placed in specific places when blended creates a "3D" instead of "flat" effect that most traditional foundations offer. Additionally when you HAC (Highlight & Contour) with Maskcara Beauty you only need to apply the ONE layer as apposed to foundation, then contour or bronzer, then blush, then an illuminator. 


BASICALLY, the system Cara created helps the every day woman enhance her natural beauty without the fuss of a ton of products. 



Now, WHY I chose to start with this company.


1. On top of the fact that I believe in what Cara is promoting, i love the idea of "working smarter not harder"  & spending less time putting on makeup (as fun as it is) and spending more time doing life with my boys or whatever is planned for that day. 


2. I love helping women! Whether it be a yummy recipe, makeup trick, or just sharing my heart and helping a mama out there feel validated in the stage shes in. I love it. & i love what this blog and social media community has given me in the ability to reach people. 


3. It's affordable! Im not the type to wander through sephora and spend my life savings but i also appreciate quality makeup! But like many of you can relate especially with little people in the house its not exactly a priority and i feel guilty spending money on myself especially on items that are individually expensive ( being real guys it's hard!) 


4. Lastly, it's for ME 

In a house FULL of boys mama needs something that is just for me. Something that will eventually help contribute to our household and give me an outlet/way to connect with like minded women. Mamas or not! Makeup has always been a passion of mine.. Even way back when I thought hot pink ALL OVER was a good look 😂 

Becca circa 2009 😂 you're welcome! 


I'm really excited for this new adventure and I can't wait to share everything with you! 


xoxo, Becca 


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Becca here, I don't have it all together. but I love doing life with my people!

Hang out with me as I take on being a girly girl in a boys world! It's messy but so full of love.


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