Transitioning to a big kid bed with Dockatot

[ This post is in partnership with Dockatot, however all opinions, recommendations, experiences and words are my own!]

As we prepare for our newest babe, im getting bigger by the minute it seems and so is our oldest son. What used to be cute and cozy snuggles has morphed into lots of limbs all over the place and the occasional head butt In the middle of the night haha!! All that said we decided it was finally time to get him in his own big boy space. Heres how we are going about it!


We started talking up the whole change for weeks before. We were moving so we mentioned him having a big boy bed every time we talked about the excitement of the move. In turn he associated the move with him and his big change.


When it was time to go get his sheets/new bedding we made a BIG deal about it being special!

Little brother stayed home and just him, daddy and I went to Target. He picked out his sheets and we found a comforter to match. At checkout he seemed pretty pleased with himself & his choices


Once his bed was all set up we added his Dockatot Grand (the larger of the two options)! We really believe this has been a HUGE part of why we have been successful in this transition, reason being H is a very “snuggle oriented“ kiddo, he wants to be as close to you as possible (even as I type this up he’s snuggling me and the bump!) so the design of the Dockatot & the raised tube like sides in a way simulates Us and he gets that “snuggle sensation“ without us needing to endure the “knees in the back sensation!” 😂😂😂 ya feel me ;)


As much as we want it to happen over night we have accepted it won’t so we are taking it one day at a time and any time he wants to be in HIS bed for any amount of time we CELEBRATE the heck out of it! We cheer, & praise and get reallllly excited to show him we are proud of him and the choice he’s making. Does it last ALL night? Sometimes! But realistically we know that this won’t last forever and sometimes we all need some “snuggs” as my son says. & i have to agree 💙

Have you done the whole big bed transitioning thing? If so what tips do you have? Did you use a Dockatot?

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Shark Sheets

Navy & White comforter

Thanks so much for stopping by!

- Becca

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