Our favorite smoothie recipe lately (includes a full serving of vegetables too!)

Y’all I finally got my kids to drink smoothies and we are all obsessed with this combo!! + they have no idea they are drinking a FULL serving of veggies in the process lol! #momwin 😏

disclaimer this was the first batch that I added spinach to and they liked it but it was way more “obvious“ there were green stuff in it!

again it’s delicious but not super sneaky haha

Here’s what you need to make either of these!

  • strawberries

  • bananas

  • spinach

  • strawberry lemonade or peach juice!

THIS however is the legit BEST. Check them out here!

  • carrots

  • peas

  • squash

  • & spinach

Smoothie cheers!

what are your favorite smoothie recipes!?

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