The Summer Rice Salad you need in your life!

For my oldest younger brothers graduation party i knew I wanted to make a salad but wanted it to be unlike any “regular” Salad

So I hopped on Pinterest and realized that rice salad were a REALLY yummy sounding thing!

We had minimal ingredients so I knew it would have to be whatever we usually have on hand

( this post is sponsored by VeeTee USA but all opinions, words and recommendations are my own! )

Here's what i used!

- Celery ( but just the middle softer part i stripped off the harder greener parts and let my 4 year old naw on those lol!

- 5 large carrots

- cherry tomatoes

- 3/4 of a green pepper

- a small bunch of cilantro ( if you like it, but i feel it really adds a dynamic to this salad that is necessary)

- 2 packs of Basmati VeeTee Rice! ( you could also use long grain for this)

- 3/4 of an apple we used Gala but Granny smith would be SO good!

Cook the rice to the instructions on the package

chop all of the other ingredients to roughly around the same size. ( you want uniformity here for a better mouth feel)

for the seasoning/ moisture

- olive oil ( i started with 1/4 cup and added a little as i went to get the consistency i wanted)

- lemon essential oil ( 5-6 drops )

- italian seasoning

- salt & pepper

- garlic boullion 1/3 tablespoon

- Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb

mix together and pour over the rice and chopped up veggies

mix up everything until its all evenly incorporated!!

serve warm or chilled. We served it right away and it was absolutely delicious!

honestly this is my go to not guilty please salad now!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and if you try this one! let me know!!

xox, Becca

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