Quick and Easy Meal prep with 2 minute rice!

Earlier last month I started on a journey to a healthier me. I signed up for a meal plan and workout system. Set out to be ON TRACK and then realized I needed easy and FAST options for my food. As a mom my time is constantly pulled in so many directions BUT I still wanted to keep up with my new meal plan as its an investment in my health. Then i remembered how PERFECT VeeTee rice would be for this kinda of prep!! 2 minutes and with my containers a third of a package fits into them so with 1 microwavable package of rice I'm able to prep THREE meals!

Add in some steamed broccoli, & delicious flavored chicken breast or tilapia filet and you're all set!

A few of my favorite ways to season my chicken to keep it dynamic and easy to eat (or get tired of the flavor profiles)

- taco seasoning

- lemon pepper

- salt & pepper

- oregano, italian seasoning

- basil and thyme

Basically as long as you are switching up your flavorings you'll be able to stick to your plan so mucn easier and with the many different rice options from Basmati or Basmati & wild rice, to long grain and brown, there are so many delicious and diverse options to make your meal planning easy & tasty!

Have you used VeeTee rice as a meal prep asset?

SO excited to hear how you are using your Veetee rice and as always thanks for stopping by friends!

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