20 Baby Product Must Haves!

Whew! This post has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share it with you!! After months of finding and gathering the BEST products for our little ones here is my list of 20 baby products from shops both big and small that I feel are absolute must haves when you’re having a baby! 

* Many of these items are sponsored but all experiences, opinions and words are my own!* 

First up! Sew Scalloped This adorable banner is so perfect! It can be used as a hospital bassinet banner initially but then can be nursery decor and then big kid room decor as your baby grows up! They are all handmade and they have the cutest little name announcement cards you can get as well! Once we decide on a name I can show you those! 

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2. Baby Blue Print  - This shop came about around the time I had my last baby and I completely feel in love! They are such a special shop in my opinion because they take those precious ultrasound images, get them OUT of the envelope in the drawer where they never see the light of day and turn them into BEAUTIFUL keepsake artwork that you’ll want to show to everyone! - they did an absolutely stunning job on this image of our little guy! 

They offer traditional 2D & now 4D ultrasound (like ours) recreations! 

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3. Willow Way Crochet  - This little hat completely stole my heart. It is so well made and I know we will use it far beyond the initial announcement pictures once he is here. Every stitch is beautiful and you can tell she makes everything with love! 

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4. Eleanora & Co

Katie is the absolute sweetest and according to my mom has created a GENIUS product! I’ve never seen anything like it and I cant wait to see how it is to use when little guy is here! The zippered crotch area makes for easy breezy diaper changes and those little sleeves that turn into mits!? Yep it was love at first sight for sure!

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5. Loved by Hannah And Eli  - Cute is the name of the game with this company! This bodysuit is as soft as it is adorable and the quality is seriously so nice!! I can’t wait to see our sweet one in it. They also make “Bear” apparel for the entire family! From Brothers to grammy everyone is a part of the Bear family! 

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6. Cuddle Sleep Dream - I always loves seeing sibling shirts and everyone all coordinated for first meeting or family pictures, so when I found this set I knew we had to have it! With Wyatt coming so early last go round we didn’t have any time to prepare for these kinda things so I’m so thankful to have them this time! + CSD really makes it easy to find cute boy pieces which can be a challenge! Love love love them! 

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7. Minimoc  - I wish I could adaquately show you how absolutely precious this little pair of moccs is. My first two boys were “warm weather” kids so we never did the cute baby shoes thing. And oh my gosh you guys was I missing out! These are super well made, quality materials & literally the cutest things ever!! If you have never seen  size 1 moccs you need to because they’ll melt your heart! & Be sure to snag them from our sweet friends Shop Blair Ashton!

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8. Little Elske  - Cute, Cozy and the BEST shade of grey! Little Elske makes the cutest and softest little romper that has a super cool feature on the back that helps ease the stress of diaper changes! They also make knitted gowns and two piece sweat suit sets in tons of colors for boys and little girls! 

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9. Dockatot Deluxe

Now i need to start with a little disclaimer on this one. We haven’t actually used this specific one for baby yet (since he’s not here) BUT we do have and use the Dockatot Grand (the toddler size) and LOVE it. It helps our oldest sleep rock solid all night in his own bed after being a co-sleeper since he was 9 months old! Check out how we transitioned him with the Grand HERE  I will be posting updates on this once we have a tiny mister to use it here soon!

All that said here are a few things we LOVE about this product. 

- It’s portable! Whether you need to move it room to room or take it with you to grandmas house baby can always be comfortable in their “space” because it’s a familiar place for them! 

- The materials are super high quality and breathable so you don’t have to worry about your little one suffocating if they are laying with their face up against the side of it. 

- The cocoon shape of it helps babies/kids feel safe and secure no matter where they are which is such a lifesaver when you have lots going on (or older siblings) and need to help baby self soothe! 

- The cover is washable! If anything gets on your dock take the cover off and throw it in the wash! It cleans up great! 

& - The sleek design + the different cover options offered are sure to fit into whatever style esthetic you may have! 

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10. Swaddle Me Velcro swaddle

- Now again we don’t have mini man here yet but these were EVERYTHING when we had Wyatt! He needed to be swaddled all the time and these Velcro swaddles perfectly fit the bill. They’re like a stretchy pocket to put baby in and have great Velcro closure so it keeps babies arms pinned down to cut down on the newborn/early stage flailing reflex! + they come in so many different patterns and colors and sizes/styles to grow with your little one! 

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11. Memeeno - Oh how I wish I knew about this little company with Wyatt! Designed and created to help babies with gas, & colick without the use of gripe water or gas drops! You put it in around their belly/abdomen just enough to slightly squeeze them which helps push out the bubbles and get them to burp! With adjustable Velcro it’s so perfect for newborns all the way until your mini doesn’t struggle with gas anymore! Seriously so so excited to use this one and report back! 

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12. Hashtagkidz - Have you ever wanted to make sure your kiddos teether could go with you wherever AND still remained clean and as germ free as possible? Then you need to check out Hashtagkidz! They make incredibly cute AND functional silicone teethers that FOLD INTO THEMSELVES (& you can store snacks in them when they aren’t folded up!)To make taking them on the go that much easier!! Pictured is the Bee but they also have a Red ladybug & teal Birdy as well! All are so dang precious!! 

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13. A Ring sling! This is definitely a mutually beneficial thing for both mama & baby! Whether you have bigger kids/toddlers or just want your little one close wearing your baby is so so helpful! + there are proven studies that say skin to skin or just wearing them close can help with so many things from regulating temp/heart rate, aiding in self soothing/regulating, + so much more definitely look into it! This specific sling is a Wildbird  but also check out Aura leaf Co , Poppet Slings  , Proverbs 31 Heart Slings  & Heirloom Carrier

14. A good Muslin swaddle! 

We love how muslin swaddles are the perfect material for little ones! Warm in the winter and breathable in the summer & the more you love on them / wash them the softer they get! Wyatt loved being swaddles in them & then snuggling with them when he was too big to be swaddles! This stunning shark one is from My Little Deers shop

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15. A Snuggley minky blanket. - like the Muslin, minky is so great to have especially for cooler/cold weather babies it can be thrown over them in their car seat or stroller and used as a soothing thing when snuggled! This one from LaLuna Company is the IDEAL size as it’s big enough to be a stroller blanket but still can be folded up and taken on the go in the diaper bag without taking up a ton of space! + it is SO soft I wish I had an adult sized one! 

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16. A multi purpose cover. This unassuming cover is so incredible to have. I love the simplicity of the grey but more than that I love all of its uses! Just to name a few it’s a car seat cover, baby swing (at the park) cover, shopping cart/ restaurant high chair cover, emergency swaddle, infinity scarf for mom, sunshade & nursing cover - WOW, ya i know it’s that good! Head over to Covered Goods  to snag this one or any of the other adorable prints they offer! 

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17. The Pop Pacifier  - Much like the hashtag kids teether this is a geniusly designs pacifier! When baby drops it or it falls out of their mouth it’ll “Pop” back into itself keeping the nipple away from whatever it may fall on! Love love love this idea/concept and I’m so excited to try it out with little man! Head over to Shop Blair Ashton  to get yours today! 

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18. Elise & Auburn  - Did someone say multi purpose pacifier clips!? Not only are these super functional as a way to not lose your babes paci, but because they are made with silicone beads so baby can chew on and massage their gums when tooth nubs start to show up! 

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19. Ever Eden  - Guys this brand is so beautiful inside and out! I love that they are 100% Non-toxic, No sulfates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances, Safe for sensitive skin (super important for my babes) & use Plant-based Ingredients! They make a ton of different products from bath stuff to lotions, sunscreen and more! It’s so perfect for fresh baby skin and I can’t wait to lather him up! 

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20. The Tush Swiper by Eli & Ali  - This handy little gadget is from a brand new company called Eli and Ali Baby, they have made a way for any type of tube application to to be more efficient and effective especially when it comes to diaper rash creams where let’s be honest no one wants to be getting creams all over themselves. The swiper helps direct the cream exactly where it needs to go without the waste because of the applicator! Seriously so so genius! + they have 2 different adaptors that fit almost all types of creams, or lotions regardless of brand! 

Shop their Amazon store

I hope this post has been helpful and has sparked your interest on a few of these awesome products! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing brands and to try out their products & share them with you! What are some of your Baby must haves? I’d love to hear! Please go comment on my latest Instagram post to tell me! 

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