Monster “Stained glass”

 With Hunter getting bigger he’s finally at the stage where we can do super simple/easy crafts! Basically a dream come true for this “love to be creative” mama haha so when I saw This  blog post I knew he would 1. Be old enough & 2. Have so much fun with it! I’m SO happy to report not only did he love making these monsters but he’s SO proud of them and has showed every member of the family at least twice 😂 

Here’s what you’ll need :

Tissue paper in whatever pattern of color you would like 


clear laminate or transparent contact paper 

googley eyes (we used adhesive ones and they worked so well!) 

construction paper (for the mouth/teeth) 

glue stick 


disposable container (to put the tissue paper confetti in, scroll to see what I mean) 

Prep: cut your tissue paper into large confetti type pieces small enough to make your monster interesting but big enough for little hands to grab, I let Hunter help me with this step but that’s totally optional depending on your child’s age and abilities. 

Cut your contact paper out in roughly the size you want, don’t worry about the shape too much right now. 

Sticky side UP tape the edges to the table or whatever work surface you have. 

  1. Take your tissue paper confetti you prepped & put the tissue paper on the sticky side of the contact paper, in whatever way your little one wants to lay it down, just cover the whole sticky surface. 

  1. Once that part is done take another piece of contact paper and place the sticky side on top of the tissue paper you just laid down. Sealing all the tissue paper in, smooth it out. 

  2. Decide what shape you want your monster and cut that out now, our first one was the “pokey” one and second he wanted a “blob” 😂 

  3. Once your shape is cut let them go to town with however many eyes you decide on. While they are doing that cut out the mouth & teeth. Stick those down with your glue stick. 

  4. There you go! You have a super cute “Window Monster” as Hunter says I taped them up on the window to see their “stained glass” effects 

  5. Repeat steps for however many monsters you want to make! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Definitely tag me on IG if you decide to make your own monsters I’d love to see them! 

xo Becca

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