33 Weeks // Letter to you & Loved by Hannah and Eli

{ This post is sponsored by Loved by Hannah and Eli  but all opinions, recommendations & experiences are my own }  

33 weeks! Whew! Where did the time/this pregnancy go? It seems like yesterday we were celebrating Wyatt’s & my birthday and announcing your perfect presence with me to the world. Your then blueberry like size is now much closer to that of a (very appropriate for this time for year) pumpkin & boy am I feeling it. You’re starting to drop and there’s a lot of pressure going on down there now. trying to stay off my feet when your older brothers are running amok mid definitely hard but keeping you in for a while longer makes it all worth it! Now please don’t get in a rush like Wyatt did. 

You’re not missing anything and it’s much quieter in there I promise + we still have a few things we need to do before we’re ready for you bud. We all love you and want to meet you, smell your sweet newborn scent, FINALLY name you & dress you in all the cute things like this completely adorable (& SO soft!) “brother bear” bodysuit from Loved by Hannah and Eli  but I’m just fine with waiting a while longer it’s only just over 4.5 weeks which will give us (your daddy) time to put up the crib, set up the big boys play corner and give us more time to pack the hospital bags and unpack some boxes to find things like hangers lol once you are here you best believe you’re going to be smothered with all the love you can handle as I know your brothers, daddy & I + everyone else are so excited to finally meet you. You’re loved beyond your wildest dreams little one so please just hang on a while longer... in all honestly... I don’t want to share you yet ;) 

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