DIY Milk Bath Tips & Tricks with Dani Naturals

{ This post is sponsored by Dani Naturals  but all opinions, and words are my own! } 

To kick this off I am SO excited to be sharing this post. Like anyone else I’ve seen the amazing stunning milk bath photos on Pinterest and wanted to do my own but never really took the plunge until this last weekend! When I partnered with Dani Naturals i knew I wanted to play up the scent “Grapefruit & Ginger” and really have fun with it. Here’s how I accomplished it, for less than $15! Yes I’m totally serious! 

After prepping my citrus (I used 1 Grapefruit, 3 lemons and 2 cutie clementines ... I actually cut up some limes too buuuut they didn’t want to play so I left them out) I grabbed my flowers and took some off in bunches and then also took some off so it was sprinkled in the bath. I had the cutest little helper for this part 💙

I used Dani Naturals Grapefruit & Ginger scented Mineral Soak this made the water so soothing and it smelled SO good! I also added some of the G&G body wash. & to give it that “milky/hazy” look I added a splash of milk until I liked the look of the water! 

TIP: DON’T do what I did and add too much or your bubbles will over power your florals and fruit! I ended up having to scoop out a bunch of bubbles haha 😆 

I loved the look of the bubbles and the fruit/blooms after I figured out the balance of it all! 

Also, DISCLAIMER: I have a bikini on in ALL of these photos which I highly recommend unless you will have a lot of water in the tub! 

I used my G&G sugar scrub and man that made my legs SO soft because of all the natural oils that my skin couldn’t get enough of! 

The best pampering line up there is! 😍 

How pretty does this look!? I’m seriously obsessed 😍

Grapefruit & Ginger Body Wash

Grapefruit & Ginger 2oz Sox Wax Candle

Grapefruit & Ginger Mineral Soak

Grapefruit & Ginger Sugar Scrub

After the incredible pampering and the most beautiful bath, I am so ecstatic about the finished shots we got (my hubby grabbed my phone and took the ones from above) and I can tell you now that I know how easy it is to do I want to do 102839 more!!

Overall this was such a fun experience and I’m so glad I finally took the effort and just DID IT! + with all the fabulous products from Dani Naturals it was the perfect time to indulge in some self care and relax a minute. Having two boys under 4 and another on the way takes a lot out of me but it’s moments like this that help me recharge and be the best me I can be for myself & those I love! 

Huge thank you to Dani Naturals for everything they do and what the make possible with the amazing products they create! 

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Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Xoxo B 

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