The Littlest Durlin in 4D! // BabyZoom 4D ultrasound & Photography

{ This post is sponsored by BabyZoom 4D ultrasound & Photography  however all opinions and words are my own! } 

A few months back I reached out to Courtney and asked if she would be interested in partnering with me, she said yes and we booked my appointment. Then the waiting game begun, it seemed like it would take forever until it was time and I was 26 weeks (I think I booked way back before we knew this lil babe was even a boy!)

BUT! Finally Saturday came and of course Hunter decided he needed to sleep in, Wyatt was being a little crazy, Jake had to rush home from my youngest brothers football game to come and get us lol needless to say we were late  lol! Hashtag parenthood of toddlers am I right?! Anyways, as we pulled up we found out that not only were we late but BOTH sets of grandparents beat us there too😅 it was nuts guys! 

We go in and of course the boys needed to pull every one of those adorable animals off the shelves and make all the noises of said animals Hunter was all over the monkey and the bunny saying that Jake “hates” bunnies 😂 (he’s in pest control, not that sector but he has also see him shoot bunnies with slingshots LOL.. it was so funny hearing him in his tiny voice saying “we shoot bunnies! 😂😅) 

Once we tamed the toddlers and headed back we walked into this extremely spacious yet cozy room with a huge couch set up for all the guests you want to bring (we had my parents, Jakes parents, & our boys) then a chair next to the bed where Jake sat which was right in the middle of the two spaces! 

Across from their comfy couch was a huge flat screen to watch the ultrasound! Everyone was extremely impressed and loved being able to see what we were seeing on our tv on the ultrasound side of the space! 

Little brother kept sticking his tongue out once we finally got to see his face and Hunter thought it was the funniest thing! But let’s back track a little, initially little dude was NOT being cooperative. He was extra sleepy (its apparently super exhausting kicking me at 3am) face towards by back AND hiding behind my placenta 😬 we poked my belly, wiggled him and the wand around and I was getting NERVOUS it wasn’t gonna happen. Thankfully our tech Ashlynn was amazing and after I chugged some cranberry juice I brought he pepped up, changed  his tune and gave us some AMAZING little moments! 

Overall what could have been a disaster turned into an amazing experience! Ashlynn was incredible the facility was so cute and their customer service was the BEST! If you are in the southern Denver area or even northern Colorado Springs you should DEFINITELY book with them! 

If you aren’t far enough along for a 4D ultrasound definitely book for gender reveal (they have the confetti poppers THERE to purchase no ordering off amazon!) whatever you do find a time to see that sweet babe!! You won’t regret it! 

Here are their links 

BabyZoom Instagram

BabyZoom Facebook Page

BabyZoom Website

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

xox- Becca 

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