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When Daylinn of Harlow & Grace Shop  announced she was coming out with an exclusive Bow of the month box I knew I had to snag it. I have always loved her curation abilities as well as fabric choices for all her collections over the years so I completely trusted her in choosing bows for a SURPRISE box! 

Now I’ll interject this, you may be super confused why me, a 100% boy mom is getting excited about bows... 🤔 it’s because I MYSELF love bows,being girly/accessorizing haha! When we found out this baby is a boy I decided that I dont need a daughter to buy cute bows 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love them and that’s that! 

Now that that’s out of the way lets dig into the box! This is the “LARGE“ option on the list. She also has “SMALL BOW” “SIBLING SETS” & “PIGTAIL SETS” 

Here’s what the site says ...

Bow Sizes: Small - could be either Creswell, Junction, or Dexter Mini/Midi bows ($12)  Large - could be either Junction Oversized, Dexter Oversized, or Coburg bows ($16)  Pigtail Sets - will be TWO SETS of Junction Pigtails ($20) Sibling Sets - will be TWO SETS of matching bows (can either both be nylon headbands, clips, or one of each)... sets will be a "big" and a "little" bow style from the small boxes, and a bow style from the large boxes. ($24) 

The bow above is the Oversized Dexter style - this is such a beautiful and unique example of a neutral colored bow! I’m so excited to see how I can style this baby! 

& this is the Oversized Junction style - I’m gonna be calling this my Cherry 🍒 Picnic bow! It’s absolutely stunning and I can already think of a few fun hairstyles to wear with it! I mean this might be my favorite print from her it’s just so FUN! & in my opinion is such a PERFECT summer bow that every bow lover needs! 

She is literally the sweetest & made this gorgeous glitter snap clip as a bonus additional clip 😍  idk about you but I’m convinced you can’t go wrong with GLITTER ✨ 

Again Daylinn is the best! Look at the other super cute bonuses she threw in! 

- A planner sized SUMMER BUCKET LIST! I see a couple we could do here soon! 

- 3 little hair ties

- two packs of smarties 

- & some crayons for your littles (or yourself) because hey idk about you but I like to color! Scroll to see the DARLING coloring page she included! 😍

... last but not least this makes the box for me. Encouraging words about being a mama/motherhood in general are always a win in my book, here’s what is says if it’s hard to make out in the photo : 

To the Mamas : God carefully handpicked you to be the mother to this little one(s), I know there are days where you feel like you can take the world by storm, and there are days where you can’t even manage to brush your teeth or put on pants And that’s okay! 

Give yourself grace 

Because God called you! 

I can’t wait to frame this and hang it up on our wall when we move! 

See what’d i tell ya! 😍 I love how it’s on the back of the mission statement/encouragement piece. The details she puts into even just the smallest things are so perfect! 

Now this months box is completely SOLD OUT. But! Don’t stress! You can make sure you don’t miss the next one by following Harlow & Grace Shop  & stay up to date when she opens up orders for the AUGUST box! Like this one it will include exclusive prints/fabrics that can ONLY be found in that specific box! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good one! 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

xo B

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