Being Pampered by Mama Love Collective!

{ This box was gifted to me from Mama Love Collective however all of the opinions below are my own }

I don’t think  Mama Love Collective  knew this box would arrive today but if there’s a good way to brighten someone’s Monday this box would be it! 

Before I even opened the box the goodies were in I opened the shipping box and it smelled like a SPA! Which lets me honest piqued my interest even more as to what would be causing such a lovely sent! I came to discover it was the Ava & Snow Lavender goat milk soap!  

Speaking of smells! The next item I had to shove my nose into was the Antique Candle Works Sweet Lemon candle ... oh my heavens is this candle an absolute TREAT to the senses! It’s fresh and tangy but has the perfect amount of sweetness mixed in to be a gentle soothing scent. So basically it’s my new favorite! & once we move and I have a mantle to put it on I’ll be burning it all the time! It’s an ideal summer scent that everyone NEEDS!  

As I type this I’m digging into those “Spirit Animal Crackers” from Good Zebra  ... not only are the adorable but I wont be sharing them because they are THAT good.. & they taste more like cookies!  

I’m also, really excited about the roller ball oil blend from The Modern Mamahood ! It has Ylang ylang, bergamot, orange, frankincense & coconut oil and it’s a mix of citrusy, spicy & a little musky! & says to apply to wrists, bottoms of feet, back or neck!  

 I’ve never used a PINK clay mask but I’m super excited and intrigued by this one from  Beth and Olivia ! It says it’s gonna pull out my skins toxins which I am ALL for! & I feel kinda dorky for this but I think using that sponge is gonna make me feel *extra* fancy since I’ve never used one before 😂 

& last but whole heartedly NOT least. That super gorgeous MAMA BEAR mug! Rachel Allene  Did the hand lettering & it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL & I’m a huge mug collector much to my husbands shagrin haha so it’ll fit riiight in! 😏

Overall these beautiful items have ALREADY made me feel like a new mama & I haven't even used most of them yet but I am SO thrilled to dive into them soon!

If there is a mama in your life or you feel the need to pamper yourself because DUH you deserve it! The Mama Love Collective  should 100% be your first thought! ... because while I can’t have wine right now that shouldn’t stop you from pouring some of your own into that Mama Bear mug 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

- B 

Here are the links for the brands above! 

Mama Love Collective  - shop 

Mama Love Collective IG

Ava & Snow Goat Soap - shop  

Ava & Snow Goat Soap IG

Antique Candle Works  - shop 

Antique Candle Works IG

Beth and Olivia Handmade  - shop 

Beth and Olivia Handmade IG

Good Zebra  - shop  

Good Zebra IG

Rachel Allene  - shop/mugs  

Rachel Allene Podcast

Rachel Allene IG

The Modern Mamahood IG

The Modern Mamahood - shop 

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