The SneakPeek Fetal Doppler gives me peace of mind!

{ This post is sponsored by SneakPeek Test  & I was sent this product in return for my review however my experience with it & opinions are my own!} 

Whew! so if you have been around for a bit & follow my Instagram stories you might remember that around 17ish weeks I shared in my stories that I hadn’t felt anything from our tiny human in almost a week ... I desperately reached out to friends and family asking if anyone had a Doppler I could borrow, my sweet friend Tonya came through and after a long while of searching for him Jake was able to find him! Hearing his heartbeat then was quite literally the best sound I’ve ever heard. Obviously it was Tonya’s doppler so I had to give it back a few days later and while i was doing better I was still anxious and upon talking to Tonya we concluded I more than likely have an Anterior Placenta which means the placenta is between the baby and the front of my belly. 

- side note, DONT google it there are a whole list of terrifying *potential side effects* from having one 😬 

Anyhoo! When SneakPeek  reached out to me wondering if I’d review their doppler I JUMPED on it! After a few weeks of playing with it and finally sitting down to use it I was able to find him! Which is SO relieving since my anatomy scan has gotten pushed out till early July but that’s a whole other thing 🤦‍♀️ Here’s the thing though having this snazzy little gadget has I kid you not saved me at LEAST a grand & will likely save me that a few times over by the time we meet this babe, wanna know how? Not having to pile into the ER (because anxiety always kicks up on weekends 🙄) & while I’d NEVER say this replaces prenatal care because that is so not the purpose of it, having the ability to check in on him form the comfort of my couch is incredible! 

Here’s what it comes with! 

- the handheld doppler device 

- a little tube of gel (not pictured because my toddlers ran off with it) 

- a cord that makes it so you can plug into your laptop and RECORD your babes heartbeat!

- & headphones so you can listen privately 

- a little booklet that walks you through it all 

Basically this little device is my favorite little things and I’m so thankful for it more and more each passing week since I don’t feel almost anything from this little guy which is so difft has his older brothers. If you are pregnant or TTC even if highly recommend checking it out! 

Here are the links your need! 

SneakPeek Test (find out at 9 weeks!)

SneakPeek Doppler

SneakPeek Instagram

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

- B 


September 30, 2018

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