Our Journey finding out baby 3’s gender before 20 weeks! - with SneakPeek & First View Ultrasoun

***I was compensated almost all of the services mentioned for this post, however all the words experiences and opinions are my own*** 

When we found out I was pregnant again we knew we wanted to find out as soon as we could.  I looked into various options and knew we could do an early ultrasound but just couldn’t wait even that long which worked out because of SneakPeek Test! 

With SneakPeek test thanks to their blood test you can find out the gender of your baby as early as NINE weeks!! I was 11 at the point of finding this option so we found out at 11. But let me tell you it was such a fun and easy option! So SneakPeek started out as a home kit that you would draw your blood and send it in then get your results 24-72 hours later depending on if you wereto fast track it. But they recently made another option available which is called DNA & Donuts which is an event they do with local ultrasound studios that have a liscenced phlebotomist come in and take your blood they take your sample and send it off no biggie & the chance of any possible contamination some how is like .05% 

My studio was First View Ultrasound which we actually went to twice (I’ll explain all that later) 

When I went in for my DNA & Donuts event there was a cute little spread of coffee, orange juice and of course donuts! The owner Todd was extremely kind, efficient and from his demeanor you knew he he loved his job, which is exactly what i love to see! When it was my turn i went back and talked to the super sweet phlebotomist lady she did an amazing job at taking my blood and i joked that she got a gold star (I’m a former extreme chicken when it comes to needles so that was a high praise coming from me. Before leaving I asked if we could see our lil babe, I figured the worst they could say was no! But Todd said YES! Sure we’ll do a little peek! 

When we saw our lil babe he/she was just wiggling away the heartbeat was perfect and when we got a nub shot we were convinced it was a GIRL which of course made my heart skip a beat a little bit at the thought of having a little miss running a round. Of course Todd said that he doesn’t base everything off of the “nub theory” or even the heart rate (which was 176-180)

(Supposedly a girl nub) 

 But naturally I was just excited as ever to finally know who this little person was in my belly! 

We got home and I was talking to my friend Taylor telling her that in 24 hours she would get the results to my test!! (We set it up so that it would be a complete surprise to everyone except Taylor, & our photographer Abigeal!) 

The next day we waited and waited and one time I thought she had gotten it but this happened 😂

Needless to say the wait seemed like an eternity but finally she DID get it, and we FaceTimed while she opened it. & this is the face she gave me 😍 

She did the BEST job keeping the secret and knowing that she loved my baby on another level  than even I could at that moment was comforting 💕💙

THREE long days later we got all set up at our reveal location and with our friends and family + everyone on IG & FB live we found out that our family would be welcoming a .... 


To say I was shocked would be an understatement it was one of the biggest shocks of my life lol + everyone that was there in person was completely shocked at a well. Basically the word of the day was SHOCK 😂 

but this is also when things went sideways, upon sharing our news with essentially the world I was hit with what felt like a tsunami of hate messages  and disapproval for it being “another” boy nearly immediately I signed off and didn’t look back for over a week 

In that time I got confirmation on something I had had suspicions of which was we had had a vanishing twin situation so we actually didn’t know which baby we had gotten DNA on. & I knew I needed to get visual confirmation on this babe before I was to give my final recommendations on everything. & was able to get in this last weekend to see and know once and for all who this baby is. So we went back to First View Ultrasound & saw Todd again & this is what we saw... 

Haha so there we have it. The sweetest little BOY who is currently nameless will be joining our not so little family this fall!! 

I cant thank SneakPeek, Todd at First View Ultrasound & Abigael of Abigael Lanai Photography enough for every bit of help and encouragement they have all provided through out this process! Everyone was so sweet, professional and made the whole experience such a joy if you want to find out who your baby is before your anatomy scan or even an early ultrasound I HIGHLY recommend SneakPeek 

& if you’re in the Denver area Todd’s Studio First View HD Ultrasound is the place to go!! 

& whether you want to do a gender reveal, maternity, or just a senior picture shoot Abigael is your girl!! 

I’ll list all of their links below! 

SneakPeek Test - Instagram

SneakPeek Test Website

SneakPeek Test - Facebook

First View Ultrasound- Website

First View HD Ultrasound - Facebook

Abigael Lanai Photography - Website

Abigael Lanai Photography - instagram

Thank you so much to everyone who has loved i us and supported us through out the process of finding out who this baby is we are so grateful for all of you!! 

XoXo - B 

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