Wyatt’s a Lucky ONE 🍀

I was so thankful that it was in the 60’s last Saturday instead of a blizzard (which happened the following day!) because you really just don’t know what March in Colorado will give ya. Thanks to that beautiful weather though we got to spend Wyatt’s first birthday in some gorgeous sunshine! Overall I’m so beyond happy with how everything went and I’m so excited to share all the details with you! 

We got ready for the day and put on our shirts from Creative Rose Designs  Wyatt’s said “One Lucky Ducky” Hunters said “One Lucky Dude” & Jakes and mine were “One Lucky Mama & Dad!” All in the perfect shades of green! Then we loaded up and grabbed some last minute things at our local King Soopers (aka Kroger) we picked up these flowers for $3! & his gold 1 balloon that I some how didn’t get a picture of 🙈. 

While we were waiting for people I printed off some coloring pages for Hunter (& the uncles) they might have had more fun than Hunter 😂😉

Pretty soon after everyone arrived we did cake since the birthday boy was looking like he was gonna fade 😂 (little did we know) 

Here’s a few of the cake 

 so this is the part of the party that didn’t exactly go as planned 😬 I had this grand plan to make his cake topper and I’ll later turn it into an ornament so that we can have a momento from his first birthday (super cute right?) well that duck did NOT go as planned I didn’t give myself enough time and while everyone said he was cute it just wasn’t my favorite turn out. So I’ll try again for Hunters birthday in June and hope it goes better 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

also, the rainbow candy I wanted to use was super wilty but we made it work! Leprechaun Ducky with his rainbow/marshmallow clouds happened haha!  

He really didn’t know what to do with it all but loved being covered in the green frosting! 

(Traditional first birthday head smooch) 

Here’s Hunters 

Here’s more shots from the day! All sources will be listed at the end of the post 

This is regular country time lemonade but added some green food coloring to it (we called it leprechaun pee to annoy my youngest brother 😂) 

Good ol mashed potatoes 

Carrots, onions & cabbage 

Super yummy meatballs 

These two banners from RNY Designs  where my favorite decor element! They were constantly complimented and just turned out so cute!! 

Cake // Walmart 

Banners // RNY DESIGNS

Shirts // Creative Rose Designs

2.5 Gallon Beverage dispenser // Sams club 

Swaddle blanket // Little bit looney

Thank you so much for reading see ya next time! It’s a good one I promise! 

Also! My soup series starts here soon so stay tuned so you don’t miss that! 


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