Wyatt’s Birth story - March 12th 2017

Whew! I definitely thought I would have had this up like idk a year ago buuut life happens haha we just got too busy loving on him and soaking up all the moments of his first year. 

But as he turns one today I feel the need to finally share the goodness and redemption that was his birth. 

Everything started 2 weeks prior to his arrival. 

DISCLAIMER : this is a birth story I will say things like blood, diarrhea, placenta etc you have been warned. Read at your own risk dude. 

34 weeks. 

I had experienced some diarrhea, him dropping and some mucus plug loss and decided to go in and see my doctors office to see what was up. 

Turns out I was already in early but not technically active labor at 4cm dilated and 50% effaced. We weren’t sure how long he was going to stay out at that point and the nurse said it could be tomorrow or you could still end up full term 🤷🏼‍♀️ I was given the option of receiving steroid shot duo that was intended to assist in his lung growth (this is important) they stung like the dickens but anything for that sweet baby boy to be born healthy especially because I felt it would be sooner rather than later. 

35 weeks 

This is when everything went downhill. 


I attended my first blogging event still feeling fine 


My SIL threw us a super cute diaper shower i wasn’t feeling good but i figured it was just being pregnant and tired (but this is when things i believe started going sour) here’s a few pics of the shower : 


I had my next appointment with my midwife Nancy (this is super important & she ended up being the BIGGEST blessing in all of this process) 


For the first time in all of my history my BP was elevated, as well as having some protein in my urine but my blood work wasn’t bad. So they told me to head home and essentially be on modified bed rest in our recliner and to come back Friday

I was in the early stages of preeclampsia 


We did our hospital tour which ended up being another blessing without us knowing at the time. (The next available tour would have been two weeks out but I felt like better to get it done sooner than later 🤷🏼‍♀️) 


At my appointment it was as if everything went bad all at once (literally within minutes of us entering the office room) 

- my BP was really elevated 

- I looked so swollen & I could barely walk, my whole body felt tight 

- my protein in my urine had doubled 

- I was really nauseous & felt like I was floating 

The preeclampsia was getting worse but at this point not “severe” 

What was a normal appointment turned into me being rushed to triage at the hospital next door. 

I was hooked up to the non stress test for baby and I was there for hours getting serial blood pressures taken trying to see if they couldn’t get it to go back down. 

All of this was nerve wracking but listening to his heartbeat was the best. They took samples of all my fluids & after hours of all of that one of my midwives came in to tell me that they were sending me home. 

Unfortunately with preeclampsia they had to weigh both my level of sickness and how long they can keep baby in without my getting “too sick” every case is different and for mine we could safely push it a little farther. I did end up getting another lung steroid shot before leaving as well. I wasn’t thrilled about going home but I knew any and all time he was inside was in his best interest. They did say if you experience a “jackhammer in your head type headache” “starry vision or tunnel vision” to come back & if I made it through the weekend to come back Monday. 

So off we went to my parents house (by the way my mom is with me in all of this) 


We hung around at my parents house, I laid low and sat in a recliner most the day. I had a mild headache and slept whenever I could. 

We didn’t leave until around 10-11ish and when we did we took my brother Nick. We went home settled in for a sleepover and watched Jurassic Park 3 ... by the end of the movie my headache had progressed from annoying to “jackhammer in my head” & I knew It was time and I needed to go in. We dropped off nick and took hunter to Jakes parents house across town this is like 1:30amish by the time we did everything we checked into the hospital around 2am Sunday the 12th 

Immediately I was up in triage doing all the fluid donating and BP testing I had done on Friday. 

- my protein in my urine was off the charts.  (it 5x my last sample) 

- my liver was okay but my lactic acid was really elevated. 

BUT on the other side of things other parts of my lab work had improved since Friday! So confusing 🤷🏼‍♀️

At this point the midwife on call wasn’t convinced I needed to stay but Nancy (remember her!?) was coming on call next and she was to make the call so we waited until shift changed at 9am. 


My nurse Becky came in around 9am and said idk what will happen but with your labs I’d be shocked if they sent you home. THIS is when things got REAL. 


Nancy made the call and told everyone to admit me! The only way to get me better was to get this baby out and we were all confident it was time! My nurses Chelsea and Hannah helped me into my delivery room and it was like walking into a suite! & if had a whole wall of windows letting in glorious natural light. 


Started pitocin, I wasnt in any pain and just breathed through contractions as they came. 


Dr.Chase came in to give me my epidural (my gosh this guy was an angel!!!) I felt one little pinch and then I was the perfect amount of numb 🙌🏻


Nancy came in to break my water and brought in another doctor to discuss my vaginal repair (long story short when I delivered hunter he tore me really bad then I had an allergic reaction to the stitches and they fell out I had to have exploratory surgery a week later and the guy “husband stitched” me through a nerve so any friction down there was excruciatingly painful.) 

Anyways Nancy breaks my water and they swore I lost like 5-8lbs just from how much water I had in there 😂

Once I stopped hushing they had me lay on my side with a peanut ball (HIGHLY RECOMMEND that thing!!!!) 

10 minutes later there was SO much pressure 

They checked me and I was 9.5cm & 100% effaced & he was at a +3 station they said Kay we’ll give it another minute and we’ll start getting the bed/room ready! 

Nancy came in and asked if i was ready to have a baby and said to do a few practice pushes ... 


14 minutes and 6 pushes later 

Wyatt Daniel Durlin was born 

6lbs 5oz, 18in long 13cm head diameter head 

 A whole 2lbs 2inches and 2cm smaller than Hunter was. 

When Nancy went to see the damage she discovered that Wyatt had torn me EXACTLY where she would have cut me to repair my vaginal fissure. To say I started bawling would be an understatement. 

Upon delivering my placenta we found out I DID in fact have Circumvallate Placenta as we had suspected and the reason we believe I got preeclampsia because my placenta was dying and couldn’t keep up with what my body needed. 

The redemption God gave me in Wyatt’s birth was indescribable. Every little thing was taken care of I went from having HORRIBLE PTSD From Hunters birth to being exhilarated and in awe with Wyatt’s. He and his birth were such huge answers to prayer. 

If you made it to the end Thank you so much!! You’re the real MVP 💕

Happy birthday to my fuzzy ducky I cant imagine life without you 😭

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