DIY // Pumpkin pie paper garland

While i was baking muffins today I thought I’d whip up a thanksgiving garland. I mean it’s super last minute since it’s in like 3 days but better late than never right? Lol 

Anyhoo I’ll make this super easy if you want to make one of these adorable garlands keep readin! 

What you’ll need 

• paper in orange, brown & white 

• scissors 

• glue 

• yarn 

1. Gather your paper in white, brown & orange 

2. Cut the orange into triangles, 1 brown sheet  into strips

& white into circles 

3. Glue your circles in the middle-ish of your triangles and put your strips at the top of your triangles. Like the picture below 

4. Grab your scissors and round the brown strip edges into more of a pie crust shape 

5. Turn over your pies and attach your yarn to the back using the following steps 

5. a) lay your yarn down and drizzle your glue onto it **leave enough slack on either ends of your garland so you can tie it up when you are done** 

5. b) lay some more paper strips over the gluey yarn and hold down. 

5. c) this is what mine looked like! 

6. Follow steps 5. a through c for the entirety of your garland. 7. Hang it up! 

Wooo! Another holiday craft in the bag! I’ve really loved exercising my crafty muscle lately and I hope you’re enjoying the projects I’m sharing with you! 

Happy Monday friends! Only 3 sleeps till we get to eat all the pie! 😍 

xoxo, Becca 

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