Five on Friday!

Hayyy hayyy happy FRIYAY!! 

On this lovely Friday I want to share with you some of our favorites, updates, and exciting news! 

1.  First up I have to finally share 2 of Wyatt’s favorite blankies!! - The Little bit looney Swaddle   & the Uber soft and yummy snuggley blankie from Dwell Darling

• LBL is all gorgeous hand dyed muslin swaddles, ring slings, onesies and so much more 😍 definitely check them out! 

• DD are the SOFTEST most delicious blankies I’ve ever encountered they are so snuggly and yummy as myself and my mama call them haha Wyatt love his and he is always putting his face in it and nuzzling it. I mean how dang cute!? 

2. This week has been full of preparation for me because next Saturday October 28th, I will be one of 3 featured makeup artists at a Fashion show with Ashley Devon models! I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity and I can’t wait to gai some new insight and experience in my field! 

If you aren’t aware of my beauty account head over to Just Bloom Beauty go check it out! 

3. Wyatt update! 

He is beginning to get tastes of things so far he’s loving 

- pickles 

- homemade chicken noodle soup 

- carrots 

- avocados 

Also, he is doing his own version of crawling and it’s SO fun to watch! He is a focused and determined lil dude 😂 

4. Our favorite meal this week has been my baked chicken, onions & quinoa! Link for that HERE

5. Finally we got pictures done last weekend and I just love how they turned out these are a few of my favorites 😍

see more of those HERE

Well that’s a wrap!! Hope you’re having a fabulous FRIYAY and may you have a blessed weekend!! 

xoxo, Becca 

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