#Durlinfambam Fall 2017

After a few bumps & all the things making it so we had to reschedule, or call off pictures. We FINALLY wrangled the boys and my MIL & SIL got some GREAT shots of us as a family 😂 (but seriously I was in FRONT of the camera for once in a long while guys!) 

Hunter was quickly “over it” & Wyatt’s shoes kept falling off which was cute but also like “really” 🙄 but we got a few really great shots and I’m so happy with how they turned out! 

Also tip : learn from my mistake and bring snacks toddlers are finicky beings and you never know what they’ll decide lol! 

This is about the point Hunter decided he was over it 😬

....annnd there goes the shoe 😂

I love this and we have recreated it over and over throughout the years 💕 (I’ll post the recreations at the bottom) 

Lil GQ model in the making? 🤔😍

Daaaaaad you’s squishing me 😂

Muuuuuuaaah! 😍

& here are all of our photo recreations 😍

2014 - Engagement pictures 

2015 - Maternity pictures with Hunter 

2015 - Family photos - Hunter was 4 months old 

2017 - Family photos - Wyatt is 7 months old (Hunter refused to be in the picture lol) 

I loved being able to get these pictures to capture this time in our lives and while Wyatt is still pretty little 💕 I hope we can do more while the boys are still young. But next go round... I’ll make sure to bring snacks 😂 

xoxo, Becca 

#familypictures #Fall2017

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