Lula Love : Vacation style

Earlier this summer around Julyish we went on our annual family trip! This year was our last year in Woodland Park, Colorado! These trips are so fun and exactly what we all need by the time it arrives, we’re up in the mountains for a week with my moms side of the family and where our house we rent is located it’s surrounded by mountains and wooded beauty totally soothing to the soul if I say so myself 🙌🏻 

Another perk we love is we’re close-ish to the cutest little town called Estes Park, there are so many adorable shops, walking paths, and yummy little restaurants sprinkled along the street. 

Even though it’s up in the mountains it’s still pretty hot & sunny which is great but for the Uber pale skinned human I am it makes me that much more susceptible to getting burned. 

I knew I needed to find a cute, light weight option to cover some of me that would also we versatile enough to wear in multiple settings! 

I contacted my sweet friend Emily and she shared with me that Lularoe had the perfect option for me! She’s called the Lindsey and boy she is beautiful!! The poppy blues were exactly what I was looking for! 

I loved this mix of patterns, the dainty white and black stripes with the little geometric floral pattern was a beautiful pairing! + the shorts because it was HOT y’all, & honestly I tried wearing it with sandals one day but my feet died so I opted for the grey lil sneaks the rest of the days we went to town. Cute and functional! Exactly how I like it! 

The BIG three things I LOVE about the Lindsey 

- lightweight, this chiffon fabric is perfect for warmer temps! 

- Beautiful colors!! It comes in so many gorgeous patterns & colors! 

- I adore the high low detail along the back it’s so gorgeous and I love that it covers my booty 🙌🏻 

The Lindsey is just one of tons of beautiful styles that Emily carries and I can’t wait to collect more over time! 

If you don’t know about Lularoe already they are are consultant based company that stylists will purchase inventory and then use Facebook groups to do album or live sales ( photo albums or live videos) the stylists never know what patterns they are getting which adds to the suspense and intrigue! They can pick the style of the pieces they order but that’s it so it’s like opening a treasure box with every package that arrives! Customers jump on certain pieces and some sell out in moments, Black buttery leggings for instance are considered impossible to find. But that’s what makes it fun the thrill of the chase and the feeling you get when you find that perfect piece! 

Emily always has the cutest styles available definitely head to her group HERE

What are your favorite Lularoe styles? I’m on the look out for a gorgeous Amelia 😍 

Emily’s links - Facebook Group  - Instagram

xoxo, Becca 

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