7 things I've learned from my blogging journey

So thanks so Facebook I've been reminded about my first blog I started SEVEN years ago! 

Y'all the name was embarrassing the content was cheesy but I admire 2010 me for starting it! 

It was so fun to read what I found to be noteworthy back then! 

& my first entry

Honestly I completely forgot about this little space on the internet and it's so fun to see it again. 

Here are a few things I've taken away from seeing the utmost beginnings of my blogging "career" 

1. We all have to start somewhere!

There was zero emphasis on a stylish site, my content was no where near stellar but it was SOMETHING! I'm so proud of my little self doing something just because I wanted to! 

2. It's taken me A LOT of trial and error to get where I'm at now (not that it's light years ahead of this) endless name changes, attitude changes, content alterations, life changes, etc. don't give up regardless and don't listen to anyone who gives you a hard time about finding yourself through the process! 

3. Breaks are good and can help recharge & redirect where we want to go with our blog. 

Ex: I forgot I even had this blog and after this one I did product reviews but I stopped and took a couple years off and started back up on 2014 as a "mommy blogger" from there things have progressed to being an all around "lifestyle blogger" but I guess what I'm saying is all of this took LOTS of time to come together. 

4. Blog about what YOU know! The entries about where about my high school experience, photography and my day to day life, it may not be thrilling but is what I knew! & now is no different! My content is VERY different now since I'm a mama but the concept is the same! 

5. In the end, it's not about the views or the numbers or sponsored products, those things are all nice but they don't make or break a blog. Or a blogger. Remember why you started and hold on to that. Because whether or not you're being paid shouldn't dictate the quality of your content ❤️ 

6. Honestly that's all I've got. 7 sounded like a cool number but now I can't think of any other tips ahaha maybe remember where you came from so you can see how far you've progressed? (Seeing how I forgot about this lil blog I'm doing great on this 😂) 

7. Stay confident in yourself, you are enough, your content is enough, your style is enough, in a world of constant comparison know that you have value to give! Your way of doing things, styling things, whatever it is could help or inspire someone. Embrace your "different" the world is getting quite boring with everyone trying to be like each other 😘

Here are some shots of what my blog looks like now! 

Have you been blogging long? When did you start? Are you wanting to start one? I'd love to help! 

xoxo B 

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