Wyatt Daniel • Months 1-6 : featuring A Happy Carrot

** this is a sponsored post however all words and opinions are my own** 

How has 1/2 a year passed already since this bright sunshine boy entered our world?! 

Time Is a theif y'all. Seriously it blows my mind how quickly it went this time. I always heard things go faster with the second but it's like I blinked and he's trying to crawl. Thankfully one thing I've really dedicated to doing every month (give or take a week because #secondkidprobs) is taking his picture next to this custom wolf plushy from A Happy Carrot!  this sweet wolfy has been a perfect way to keep his photos relatively consistent and show how much he's grown from month 1! (I wanted to do it from birth but that time was so crazy and with him being a month early!? All the things got thrown off lol!) check out how TINY he was guys. 

At this point in his life he was still terrifying to me. Honestly I was scared I was gonna break him because of how little he was. This is also right around the time we moved so it's a miracle this photo happened 😂 

Here's what I wrote on Instagram // 4.9.17 // • 4 WEEKS • Happy due date sweet boy, its crazy to think you've already been with us these 4 weeks. You are so sweet, cuddly and have the softest fuzziest RED hair! (I really hope you keep it) • Loves - being swaddled, having your head and feet rubbed, snuggling, your rock n play, our #happybabywrap and sleeping on mamas chest. Youre super easy going and really only dislike diaper changes and being unswaddled. • size NB diapers - NB clothes - eating 1-4oz - sleeping 3-5 hours during the night • favorite things of mamas right now ... Seeing you with your brother, snuggles, your cutesy toes, downy soft red hair & the way you try and eat my face. • I'm not gonna lie and say these past weeks have been blissful.. They've been quite the opposite with stress and tension through the roof but I'm so thankful to have you here with us & now that we are starting to settle I can't wait to get to love on and know you more 💙 // #happyduedate #misterwyattdaniel .

Month 2 

May was fun the weather was great and we enjoyed being outside, this was taken in my parents backyard under a shady tree, he loved soaking up the sunshine ☀️ 

IG entry // 5.16.17// • 2 MONTHS • [4 days late but whaaatevsss] Boy how you've grown this month! • LIKES - Cozy blankets, sleeping on mama, bath time, rolling over, your binky and smiling at big brother, & being in his happy wrap. DISLIKES - Diaper changes, dirty diapers, getting dressed, not being in constant motion. • Wearing 3 month clothes, size 1 diapers and sleeping 7-9 hours a night and only waking up once *hallelujah* • Mamas favorite things about you right now, you're sweet little toes, the way you smile at me, how you roll over when you get mad during tummy time, how sweet and snuggly you are in the morning and how you're getting the cutest little rolls on your arms/legs. // #wyattandwolfymonthly

Month 3 

June! - Hunter turned 2, Jake and I celebrated 3 years of married life together & we spent LOTS of days at my parents in there pool. Wyatt wasn't a fan of the pool haha. We also hung out in the mountains a few times and enjoyed the gorgeous Colorado scenery 🏞 

IG entry // 6.12.17 // My goodness! Our sweet boy is 3 whole months! • He is in 3 & 3-6 month clothes, sleeping through the night. He's in size 1 diapers for now but will most likely be in 2's soon. Eating 4-6oz at a time • LIKES • All of this people but especially his brother, mama and uncles lately, having a clean diaper and full belly (he giggles,smiles and happy dances after both are accomplished) loves his swaddle blanket from @littlebitlooney, his rock n play & any sort of light he can look at. • DISLIKES • having a dirty diaper, being still in his carseat, when Hunter gets in his face, & being too hot.. Overall he is a very sweet, very opinionated little person who gets better and better with every day. Mamas favorite things right now are your facial expressions, how you look at your big brother, the way you look up at me and smile at me. Your cute little toes and that bright red curly fuzz on your head - You are so loved Wubba 💙

Month 4

July was fun! It was his first 4th,  We did our annual trip to Estes, and enjoyed tons of family time, great food & he did so great in the stroller walking around town! 

IG // 7.13.17// • 4 MONTHS (one day late... I actually took it yesterday though so it counts for being on time 😂🙌🏻) Wubba is - in size 2 dipes, size 6 onesies, eating 6oz pretty regularly, im guessing 15lbs (he has an appointment when we get back from vaycay) He loves to be held up to stand, has the B I G G E S T smile ever & i love that he's finally getting some chunk/rolls. We're working on sitting unassisted & he loves to kick, wiggle and giggle. His self appointed bedtime is 10 & as long as his belly is full, diaper clean and outfit mostly clean he's a happy guy. He's very much a mama's boy and literally is obsessed with his swaddles from @littlebitlooney - Overall we just can't get enough but somedays when he naps its the most glorious thing ever 😂 He's definitely the sweetest little light in our life and i can hardly believe he's 4 months already 💙 Mama's favorites - your giant smile when you look at me. How you are starting to love your brother. How strong your kicks are and the little dimple in your cheek when you grin 💙

Month 5 

August! It was so hot this month and we're definitely spending time in the pool, all 3 of my brothers returned back to school and we got back into a routine **Hallelujah!**

IG // 8.18.17// • 5 months • How have you been with us for almost 6 months already it seems like yesterday you were placed on my chest. You love waking up before your brother, giggling when he talks to you, you eat like a champ and roll away when you get your diaper changed. Your @littlebitlooney swaddle is your favorite and we finally found a binky you'll take. You've started teething and try to chew on everything you have the best smiles and are getting more and more fun as you grow. You started giving yourself a bedtime a little bit ago and now you fluctuate between 8:30-9pm (still SO different than your brother) - things I don't want to forget - your perfect fuzzy redhair, how soft your skin is and the way you look at me when i roll over and look at you in the morning. & how you are beginning to interact and love your big brother Its been the best 5 mons sweet boy im so blessed to be your mama 💚 // #misterwyattdaniel #wyattandwolfymonthly

Month 6 - 1/2 year 

September! The weather is starting to cool off, we are spending more time at home and are starting the transition to having both boys in their own room. We moved their beds into their own room and my livingroom is ACTUALLY cleaner 😍 *BIG FAT HALLELUJAH* 

IG // 9.19.17 // SIX • this month is entirely bittersweet. While it's my favorite among milestones because you're interacting, smiling the most and starting to think about being mobile, it also means that you're not a baby anymore, you're closer to being a toddler and soon you'll be big just like your brother. • ALL about you this month • 18lbs 27inches, no teeth yet but they'll be through any day now. You love your daddy & brother so much it's so sweet to see you light up whenever you see them. You're rolling a ton,starting to inchworm & you sit up by yourself! I can't wait to start solids soon! Happy half birthday buddy we love you 💙

A huge thank you to A Happy Carrot  for sending me the custom wolf & fox plushies! Everyone needs to go see her Amazing creations!! If you have a little girl you have to go see her mermaids! 😍🙌🏻 

Here's some outtakes from our 6mon shoot today 😂

Thanks so much for reading guys!  

Here's to another AMAZING 6 months 💕

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