3 Gallery Wall tips : featuring Marquis Weaves!

**There is sponsored content in this post. Regardless my words are my own** 

Whew!! Guys it's been a hot minute since I've had the time to blog! Between Wyatt coming early (still gotta post his birth story...) and moving and then getting used to TWO kids (again gotta write that up too lol) then we went on vacation (so fun!) & lastly I jumped into the best business venture I could have imagined and that has been taking up a ton of my time! All that said, life has been on FULL speed ahead! 

Thank you Jesus for Fall. I feel like things finally begin to slow down, and I have a better handle on life during this time of year 🙌🏻 


Among the things we finally had time for is our GALLERY WALL!! I've been thinking of and planning this baby for months now. It's no where Pinterest perfect but that's one reason I love it. It's us. Little bits of things I've loved, made or photos of us from days past. (We really need to print more recent pics 🙈) but I wanted to give you a couple tips of how to personalize or add more interest to an average gallery wall. 

1. Mix up your shapes! 

Rectangles, circles, long pieces and the occasional square. Different shapes help the eyes dance around the space and if you have say like multiples of shapes it can help it feel cohesive like my rectangular clip boards or the circles of the hoops and the little wreath up top. 

2. Mix up your textures! 

So see how in the photo pictured there are lots of different textures, from the canvas to the clipboards to that adorable Woven piece  from Marquis Weaves! Mixing textures give your wall more interest as well as more dimension! I'm a huge fan of this and will probably add more textural things over time because I love what it does to a wall. 

3. Make sure YOU are I corporated into it. 

Whether it be pictures of your family, spouse or children. A map of the location you met, married or started dating, maybe even a constellation image of the night your baby was born. Whatever it is make sure it includes you and your story! I love the long rectangular peice on the left it's full of shots from our dating, engagement and wedding day. & the three little frames are for

our angel babies. I need to get more pictures of Hunter and Wyatt printed which I'll do once we have our Family photos taken this fall! 

Gallery walls can be intimidating but if you keep these tips in mind they really don't have to be! 

A HUGE thank you to Marquis Weaves  for providing the adorable little weave I think it was exactly what this wall needed! Be sure to head over and follow her and see all of the amazing woven beauties she has made! 

Aside from the woven hanging, here is my other favorite piece 💕  

Just remember this. Everyone and everything is a work in progress. Don't be afraid to start with the fear of it not being perfect. I say this because I considered not posting this, because it's not technically done. But in the end everything is ever changing so why not celebrate the process! 


I'd love to see YOUR gallery walls use the hashtag #beccaseemygallerywall to show me! 

Hopefully this space will be more active if my minions allow because I love sharing it with you! 

Happy Monday friends! I hope it's a great one! 💕

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