6.16.15 // Hunters Birthstory

- Monday June 15th 2015 - 

Starting point : 2cm dilated & 80% effaced - Zero contractions 4pm - We arrived at the hospital, got all checked in and waited to meet with my doctor to discuss the action plan for my induction. 6pm - i had my cervidil (a cervix ripening vaginal insert) inserted and was then told i get to just chill out and wait for it to start making me contract not too much later than a half hour i started to contract *YAY* & they continued to pick up over the next two hours Midnightish/1am - I ask my nurses to help me to the restroom and jokingly ask soo what happens if this thing falls out? They chuckled but assured me while it happens rarely it super unlikely but IF it does it's no big deal. So here i go into the bathroom. I sit down and as i'm peeing i here a "plop" after i'm finished i take a peek into the toilet and low and behold there is the doofy little cervidil that "had little to no chance of falling out" HAHA i exit the bathroom and say guess what just fell out? We all kinda just shrugged and said oh well, at this point i was contracting fine and there wasn't anything more we were going to do until morning so i attempted to sleep. - Tuesday June 16th 2015 - 6am - I was woken up bright and early, although to be completely honest i didn't get very good sleep contractions were getting stronger by the hour prior to this. However they weren't close enough together as they'd like so as planned we started up the pitocin, at first only at the most minimal amount and as i progressed it would be upped in 2ml increments. 7-8am - I got out of bed and started doing laps around the OB floor. Jake & My mom took turns walking with me. At first it wasn't all that bad but as they upped the pit it became harder and harder to focus, to talk & to even stand. Over the next hour i walked in one circle after another breathing through the pain and stopping to grab the hand rail or Jake so i didn't fall over. Just after an hour had elapsed i went back to my room to go on the monitors and take a short break Cervical check : 3cm & 80% effaced 9am - Laps upon laps around OB. At this point contractions were picking up and i was doing less walking and more stopping and breathing through the pain while gripping tightly to Jake while him and mom rubbed and put counter pressure on my lower back. Each contraction got stronger and stronger, One on top of the next. Cervical check : 3.5 & 80% effaced 10am- As i circle the OB floor contractions start to build in intensity and pile on top of one another so much that i start sobbing through each one. gripping the railing and holding on to Jake with all my might. Since i had the wireless monitors on my nurse could see how much pain i was in and decided it was time to stop walking and to start utilizing the labor ball in hopes to take some pressure off my back. I rolled back and forth focusing through each contraction. 10:30am-11am- I rolled back and forth doing all i could to focus and breathe through each one but not too long after this i couldn't stay on it. I needed to get back into bed with the condition of converting it into a chair with a birthing bar. There i labored eventually i was getting so worn down and the contractions were so strong that i was falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. It was right about this time i started asking about when i could get my epidural. My nurse told me she would call Doc and give her my update and ask what she thought about getting me one soon. noon/12pm- My Doctor came to check on me, we talked about my pain, contractions, & checked my cervix. I was a solid 4cm & 80% From here things really started to pick up in pace. We decided it was best to get aggressive. I was having this baby TODAY. She broke my water to not only get the process moving but to relieve some major pressure & let me tell you it was the WEIRDEST feeling ever! The amount of fluid that left my body even shocked my doctor she said that that alone probably helped me lose 5 or so pounds haha! To put it in perspective i wet through 4 or 5 of those blue paper pad things. As we knew they would my contractions got sharper & even stronger extremely quick This is when i really started feeling the urgency to get my Epi. things were getting unbearable. 1:30pm- Cervical check : 5cm & 80% I get my epidural with as little struggle as possible. Jake kept me calm & focused because now not only was i getting a giant needle in my back but she didn't stop when i contracted making the whole process that much more painful. i cried. a lot. 2pm- Finally the lady left after making sure the medicine was spreading to where it needed to and i was able to relax & SLEEP! for a solid hour & a half straight! While i slept they continued to up my pitocin. Paired with the Epi things really started to happen. 3:30pm- I wake up feeling refreshed and rested & thanks to the Epi NOT in pain *yay* After a good bathroom break and letting the nurses know i was awake. It was time to get checked. My nurse smiled like she had a secret and i asked "Whaat? what am i?" She told me she wanted to get a second opinion. The second nurse checks me looks at the first and they both smile and nod. Finally both look at me then Jake & Mom and announce. Cervical check : 9.5cm & 95% My mind was blown 9.51?! Talk about the BEST nap of my life! They then tell me they're going to update my doctor and to just hang out & if i want take another nap. 4-5pm- i dozed in and out, watched some TV & begun soaking in the fact that in a couple hours i could be holding my son! Doc comes in starts to get all set up & checks me one more time. Cervical check : 10cm & 100% She grins and asks "Are you ready to start pushing?" 5:27- I begin pushing, trying to find the most affective position was hard. Remembering when to breathe and when to hold my breathe to get leverage was difficult as well. for a better part of an hour & a half i made very slow progress. 7pm- I am pushing so hard that Jake and my nurse are doing all they can to make sure i didnt completely move the bed and them. A chorus of "He has SO much hair" rang out as he would crown and then disappear" I thought to myself.. "Hair?!.. I have a child WITH hair?!. So i pushed. I never knew i had that much strength in me. I was getting really worn out. I wanted to give up. i begged to take a break. So i just breathed through the next 2 contractions. the next one came up, i found my groove. Holding my thighs, eyes open & staring hard at my belly button i was able to push harder than ever before. [My Doc turned to what my mom said looked like getting ready for an ipisiotomy ready] I took a breath and was going to stop but i couldn't. my body wouldn't let me. With the biggest, hardest, best push ever. Out he came. ALL of him!  

7:18- Hunter Dean was born. 

they quickly threw him up on my chest to which i responded. You're here, You're finally here while i sobbed. He was the most beautiful baby i had ever seen. he looked up into my eyes and i was a complete puddle, then i saw Jake looking at me & this fresh new tiny human we created. it He cut the cord & it was all my heart could do not to burst. He hung out on my chest for a while soaking each other in. My body started to go into shock from it all so i let them take him over to the warmer and to do all his tests. My mom followed close behind, As i was getting all stitched up a nurse yells out we have his stats! - 8lbs 5oz & 20inches long! - I couldn't believe it! EIGHT POUNDS of baby just left my body!? NO FREAKIN WAY?!  

Talk about a superhero complex haha!  

Once he was done with all of his tests they brought him back all burritoed up and perfect. 

Jakes parents arrived with Jimmy Johns so i gave my mom a chance to hold Hunter. Jake and i chowed after not eating deli meat for almost 10 months it was the most glorious sandwich i'd ever eaten! 

After this everyone was just soaking in the sweet baby snuggles. Thanks to having to push with my eyes open they were SO sore and strained. All i wanted was so sleep but with all of the adrenaline it was near impossible. So i just basked in what was the second best day in my life. & Just like that, I was a Mama.  

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