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Y'all I've never been good at making my clothes look like they are neat and tidy ... If you asked my mom, she'd tell you my room consistently looked like a tornado had blown through it. I like to call it "organized chaos" but lets be real I was just messy lol! 

Since Wyatts pregnancy however I've really been working on myself and my ability to keep things orderly. (As well as purging all the random crap) so here is my first attempt at keeping my clothes orderly as well as *hopefully* using this post to keep myself accountable? Idk but guys I'm sure hoping i can actively choose to keep this up. 

So without further ado here is how I've organized my closet! 

Bras / Nighties are first in the line up. *pictured later* 

Then...Cover ups / Kimonos 

Followed by Strappy tops 

Plain tees *pictured later*

& Nicer tees 

Next are Strappy Dresses..

& Tshirt dresses 

Here is everything all hung up and categorized! - The main reason i chose for this type of organization is ideally when putting like shirts/dresses together i'll be able to find things easier when getting dressed! 

Dresser drawers 

Jake and I share a dresser for space sake so here are my 3! 

1. Here is where all my undies, sports bras/maternity bras, bikinis, jammies, sleep shorts & a couple more nighties are. I love me some jammies/sleep shorts & im recently really loving nighties. Walmart has super cute and comfy ones for really inexpensive! 

2. This is all the tanks/tees and one or two straggling leggings lol! All of my stripes are together as well as similar type shirts. 

3. This drawer shows my #momlife-ness lol 85% of this drawer is leggings y'all 😂 then the other 15% is shorts & jeans haha! 

So there you have it people, thats how im keeping my clothing organized! I'll try and do an update in a few months to let you know how its going & if i've kept up with it! 

How do you keep your clothes organized? I'd love to hear and maybe pick up some new tips from you! 

xoxo, Becca 

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