An Open letter to the friend my heart needs...

Dear friend, 

Today my heart has ached for you. It hasn't been a particularly hard day, nothing trying has happened but i feel this hole where i hope you'll be someday. It seems like everywhere i look everyone has a bestie, everyone has someone to call their person. 

frankly i feel left out. I want someone to get sushi with binge watch greys and other ridiculous reality shows (ex: the bachelor/bachelorette) i want someone who is isn't afraid to say she doesn't have it together. who tries her darnedest but sometimes throws in the towel and eats ice cream instead. 

Who admits that mom life is basically the best and worst sometimes simultaneously. Who converses about all the gross things that just are and not bat an eyelash. Who can celebrate the milestones and be there for all the things as much as she can. And I wants me there for her. There for the birthday parties, there for the premieres, there for the rough days and major mom wins & everything in between. 

This may be a jumbled mess but when it comes down to it I just want/need someone who wants me.

I hope that you're out there. & that you need me as much as I need you. 

#friend #Openletter #Momlife #Lonely #Fromtheheart

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