Latest & Greatest - Vol. 1

Hey friends! 

This is the first installment of my hopefully but probably not weekly post that i give you updates on us and our life, as well as the things we are doing, planning, enjoying etc! 

1. First up! My flowers are STILL alive! As a lifelong "black thumb" the fact they are STILL alive and dare I say thriving just about makes me giddy!! 

2. While we're chatting about flowers heres a sneak peek of our patio/balcony situation! We recently purchased a STOK grill (check it out HERE ) that I am very excited to learn to use! Along with our new grill we were gifted the chairs from my grandparents that perfectly matched our little table we already have. I'm wanting to add a rug, hang my flowers and put up some twinkley lights and maybe some lattice or curtains for some privacy but I'm really loving the way its going right now! 

3. I am SO proud of this one because Jake and I custom built it together for our cute little apartment. I'm also a combination of embarrassed and proud of our DVD collection which we originally thought would only take up 3 shelves HA! ... We could practically revive Blockbuster with all of this guys 😂

4. We scored big time on this one guys, last weekend we went to Sears Outlet and got a sweeeet deal on a washer it was $720 originally and we ended up getting it for $366!! And here's the kicker. It's BRAND NEW! A teeny little scratch is all it had and after we had pulled the tag off of it to buy it 3 other couples were swarming around it and asking employees to where the tag was. God is SO good guys. **for the FIRST time in almost 3 years of marriage I can do our laundry in our apartment!!** Hallelujah! 

5. Okay, here is a product I never thought I'd use because after Hunter i was basically on a crusade to empower all the women to embrace their stretch marks. But here's the thing ive realized, whether or not my stretch marks are visible is not a determining factor on the quality of the mother I am. So in my current self care journey i am trying Bella B Naturals  Stretch Marks fading cream. So far i love the smell, texture (it's SO soft and silky after applying) and IDK how it'll work but i'll keep ya posted! 

6. Last but not least, a sweet little update on our boys! First up Mister Wyatt! Our mini guy is growing SO much! So far he's grown 3lbs a month and as of his last appointment he is 11lbs 2oz! He is very opinionated compared to Hunter which has been an adjustment but it sure is fun. He's started getting more animated and I love ever minute of it! His smile is the sweetest thing! --

Hunter is just days away from being 2 (where has time gone?!) we may be starting potty training soon (pray for me 😬) but i know that only having one in diapers will be worth it! If you have any tips for potty training a strong willed little boy in all ears! (This goes without saying but i'll say it anyway. I won't be forcing him but I'll definitely be encouraging him if he shows interest!) 

Alright guys thats it for this L&G! 

xoxo, Becca 

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