Lets be real this page is difficult to write. So to give you a break from the regular "About Me" pages out there i'll tell you some facts about myself and my family.

Jake and my first date was on NYE 2012 

We'll be married 3 years in June


We have 3 Angel babies & 2 boys Hunter (2) & Wyatt (3mon) both of which are rainbow babies

We're big fans of pasta & i could probably live on soup

Im a big TV show junkie and love watching the same shows over and over. 

i love eating healthy but i also love Mac n' Cheetos. its called balance ;)

over all, we're just an average family with our own set of messes and celebrations. here is where i plan to share them with you. 

if you have read this far, thank you and i hope you stay a while 

xoxo, becca 

September 30, 2018

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Becca here, I don't have it all together. but I love doing life with my people!

Hang out with me as I take on being a girly girl in a boys world! It's messy but so full of love.


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